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C4T offers a SaaS-based, cloud-native Smart Utility Platform designed for the efficient management of electricity, water, and gas utilities. The solution boasts a microservices-based architecture and an open API structure, facilitating large-scale deployments and integration with intricate multi-vendor utility environments. The system encompasses essential modules, including Head End System-HES, Meter Data Management-MDM, Network Management System-NMS, Customer Management, Billing, and a mobile application to ensure seamless utility operations. The prepaid and postpaid billing features are highly customizable and flexible, providing a truly agile customer experience. The protocol-agnostic framework of the system enables smooth integration with various on-field meters and IoT gateways, presenting clients with a flexible and scalable solution.”


Our vision is to foster business growth through the provision of a self-service Digital Utility and Rapid Application Development Platform. This platform aims to deliver efficient business applications as products and services by harnessing next-generation technologies. Our focus spans across Electricity, Water, and Gas Utilities, multi-tenant buildings, and industries.


Our mission revolves around propelling business growth through a state-of-the-art Digital Utility Platform. We aspire to provide efficient applications and services that adapt to evolving industry needs. Embracing cutting-edge technologies, our scope spans Electricity, Water, and Gas Utilities, as well as multi-tenant buildings. By fostering innovation, our goal is to empower businesses for sustained success and operational efficiency.